Life size Formula 1 Racing Simulator

This one is for you Gaming Fans out there, the mother of all simulators and a price tag to match. Priced at £90,000 or about $143,000 US at today’s exchange rate, but don't despair the simulator does come with real Pirreli F1 slick tires, Brembo or AP Racing calipers, body is made out of carbon fibre and composites.

Enter the cockpit & you are welcomed with a quick release steering wheel designed to look like a genuine F1 version with paddle shifters. In terms of view, the simulator includes three 23”screens mounted to an adjustable frame, sound is provided with a 5.1 digital surround sound speaker system with speakers placed inside the cockpit.

Can be painted in Red, Black, or Silver exterior colours - The price includes delivery, set up and training.

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  1. Oh dear god -- PLEASE Santa bring me one of these!!!!!


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