iExpander for your iPhone 5 with Micro SD & Extended Battery

The iExpander adds expandable Micro SD memory, a 30-pin connector, doubled battery life, and an added flash to enhance low light images.

The Details:
  • iExpander case is made from a durable graphite reinforced nylon
  • Battery life is doubled & features two battery indicators upper header
  • Expandable Micro SD memory, expandable to 64 GB
  • The Micro SD memory uses an app to exchange files with the device
  • 30-pin connector (so you can use all existing peripherals i.e. Docking stations, car chargers)
  • LED Flash to enhance low light images powered by an ultra thin CAP-XX super-capacitor.
  • iPhone 5’s thickness, increases to a total of 6.3mm
  • Expected Delivery starting Dec 2012
  • Price was $75 on Kickstarter during the funding

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