Hafencity University Subway Station in Hamburg

Almost like something from a futuristic movie set, that's if they still use trains in the future. The Hafencity University Subway Station located in Hamburg, Germany - a concept stemmed from the use of steel, light, reflection and colour.

Iconic Moments in Movies of the last 20 years

Empire Magazine's 20th Anniversary, featured some of the biggest actors in Hollywood for a photo shoot paying homage to their iconic movie roles. Take a look and see if guess the movies.

Emoticons as Book Titles

While looking for some new emoticons, we stumbled across a great concept - Book titles translated with Emoji (these are the picture characters 'Emoticons' used on our digital devices)

Want to buy a brand new McLaren F1 with no miles on it?

For us car geeks out there . . . a brand new McLaren F1 with "NO MILES" has gone on sale in Japan. Total production included 72 road legal F1s, 28 racing cars, and 7 prototypes.

Light Painting Rain by Simon Berger

A very cool technique of using ordinary steel wool that's set on fire, then photographed with slower shutter speeds to create the effect of raining sparks. 

Stanley Kubrick - Pictogram Movie Posters

Viktor Hertz - a freelance graphic designer and artist from Uppsala, Sweden. His focus is on simple illustrations, logos, posters and icons. His Stanley Kubrick Pictogram Movie Posters are a stand out in his portfolio.

Arizona's Antelope Canyon by Gregory Boratyn

Amateur photographer Gregory Boratyn from San Diego has captured Arizona's Antelope Canyon unlike no other, with the help of a little post editing software to highlight the flowing ridges found within the cavernous spaces. 

Honest logos by Viktor Hertz

Swedish graphic designer, Viktor Hertz's 'Honest Logos' . . "revealing the actual content of the company, what they really should be called. Some are cheap, some might be a bit funny, some will maybe be brilliant. I don't know."