Want to buy a brand new McLaren F1 with no miles on it?

For us car geeks out there . . . a brand new McLaren F1 with "NO MILES" has gone on sale in Japan. Total production included 72 road legal F1s, 28 racing cars, and 7 prototypes.

It's a 1996 McLaren F1 in pristine condition and here's the kicker, the owner has never driven the car . . . a zero on the odometer for one of the rarest breed of cars in the world.

Car is likely to fetch over 5 Million dollars . . . stay tuned are further details follow on the sale of this rare car.

In total, McLaren built the following amount of F1s and variants:

   * 65 - F1s (plus 5 prototypes)
   * 5   - F1 LMs (plus 1 prototype)   (LM for Le Mans)
   * 2   - F1 GTs (plus 1 prototype)
   * 28 - F1 GTR race cars

Total production = 72 road legal F1s, 28 racing cars, and 7 prototypes.

F1 LM  (5 Made)  Weight was reduced by approximately 75 kg (165 lb)
- Different transaxle
- Various aerodynamic modifications
- Specially-designed 18-inch (457 mm) magnesium alloy wheels upgraded gearbox.
- Painted Papaya Orange

F1 GT (2 Made)
- Featured the same extended rear bodywork as the GTRs
- No wing
- The front end was also similar to the racing car, with extra louvers and the wheel fenders widened to fit larger wheels.
- The interior was modified and a racing steering wheel was included in place of the standard unit
- F1 GTs were chassis #054 and #058.

F1 GTR (28 Made)
- Many were converted to street use. By adding mufflers, passenger seats, adjusting the suspension for more ground clearance for public streets, and removing the air restrictors
- Car's extensive modifications included changes to body panels, suspension, aerodynamics

McLaren F1 GTR 21R
A very rare car is for sale today! The McLaren F1 GTR 21R will go up for auction at the Gooding and Company auction in Scottsdale, AZ - their pre-sale estimate for the car is $5M - $7M.