Packaging Tape Creates Artwork

Max Zorn is an Amsterdam-based artist that has a unique twist on street art - with the use of brown packaging tape is able to create some stunning images. Similar to vector art, if your familiar with Adobe Illustrator. Take a look after the break.

Like Architects: LEDscape

Ikea of Portugal & LIKE Architects partnered to showcase the furniture giant's new line of energy efficient LED bulbs, by illuminating the courtyard in the Belém Cultural Centre, Portugal. The 1200 LED bulbs and accompanying lamp bases where arranged in varying heights, with each programmed to waver in brightness to create some dramatic effects.

Expedia Luggage Tag Advertising Campaign

A brilliant advertising campaign by marketing specialists Ogilvy for using Luggage tags. Using the three letter airport codes to create a humorous wordplay. Take a look & let us know what you think.

Parachuting off one of the tallest building in Europe . . .

First episode of the Internet show about street underground culture, travels, adventures and really dangerous extreme sports! Watch Sergey Valyaev illegally climb up a building and then proceed to base jump off . . .

Jaeger LeCoultre Master Compressor Chronograph

One of our favourite brands, Jaeger LeCoultre started in a small workshop and went on to become one of the finest watch makers in the world. Doesn't hurt they are the official watch for Aston Martin.

Epic Frequency Prints

Epic Frequency prints is something close to our hearts. Growing up with music and mixing on the computer, certain wave forms would constantly grab our attention, and would be the newest screen saver on the computer.

Epic Frequency brings the next logical step, but with a unique twist to visualize renderings derived from the waveforms of iconic audio recordings: Neil Armstrong’s “One small step” and JFK’s “Ask not …”, visually expressing these defining moments.

Régis Matthey - Playing with Light

Régis Matthey is a young photographer with a fun series titled "Playing with Light", using the technique of light painting (that's a long exposure and a hand held light source) Sounds simple, but a complicated process in the real world to achieve his results.

Aston Martin's Centenary Limited Edition cars - First the Vanquish

Aston Martin has unveiled the Centenary Edition Vanquish, which celebrates 100 years of the birth of the iconic brand by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford, founded as Bamford & Martin.

Beauty in Infrastructure by Aurelie Curie

Seattle-based Aurelie Curie must have a difficult time finding assistants to help with her work, as she photographs and explores the world . . . high and low . . . from the heights of rooftops and skyscrapers to the lower depths of caves, mines, sewers, and transit tunnels.

Ultimate Coffee Table - Crushed Ferrari in your Living Room

An older item, but still holds up as the ultimate Coffee Table for any automotive enthusiast. Industrial designer Charly Molinelli, took a Ferrari that had been crushed in an accident and then squeezed into a coffee table.

Mountain Side Garage with a view by Peter Kunz Architektur

Designed by Peter Kunz Architektur, this unique garage features five concrete cubes protruding from a Swiss mountainside. Four of the cubes are sealed by glass and the fifth is open, which serves as the drive-in entrance.

Samir Sadikhov's concept: Ferrari Xezri Competizione Edition

Samir Sadikhov's concept: Ferrari Xezri Competizione Edition. Came in second place at the 2011 Ferrari World Design Contest. Check out the images after the jump.

Store Front - The Disappearing Face of New York

James and Karla Murray's new book 'New York Nights', showcases the city's iconic facades - Radio City Music Hall, Village Vanguard, Yaffa Cafe and many other locations that have made New York the iconic city.

'Life in Five Seconds' : Over 200 Stories for Those With No Time to Waste

For the past two years, we have admired the work from H-57 Milan and their humorous and simple take on history, people and movies . . .

Minimalist Posters of TV Shows - Albert Exergian

If you've seen some of our past posts, you'll know our love of minimalistic movie/Tv poster designs. Austrian designer Albert Exergian, created a series of TV inspired prints using very simple elements, but instantaneously recognizable.

Daft Punk Coca-Cola Bottles

Daft Punk’s Gold-Plated Coke Bottles was a limited-edition run of Coke bottles stamped with 18-karat gold, co-branded with Daft Punk. A look back to March 2011.

Symmetry in Motion by Tristan Le Blevennec

We've always been drawn to symmetry that provokes emotion with it's shapes, colours, perspectives, or any form of graphism that the world offers. Tristan Le Blevennec is  such a photographer, here's a small sampling of his work.

Remix Peter Gabriel Songs with MusicTiles App

Peter Gabriel Fans - This App is for you!!
On the Jan 8th 2013 a new app called 'MusicTiles' will be available from the Apple App store. MusicTiles will allow everybody to create Peter Gabriel music, transforming music fans from passive listeners to active performers.