Lamborghini's of Japan's Yakuza underworld : Underground Hero - Love To Hate Me
 A short video looking at Yakuza (organized crime syndicates) in Tokyo's underground with their over the top flash Lamborghini's - If you grew up watching Miami Vice, you'll love the feel of this video.

Matt Hunter Defying Gravity on his Mountain Bike
Matt Hunter once again shows us just how low you can go when ripping it up on the trail bike. That's a real image, not Photoshop! Check out the video.

Quattro Teapot by Snezana Jeremic
The vertical, rectangular design makes pouring and transporting a cinch thanks to it's simple, yet highly functional handle that also acts as a base. Just tip it to poor, or reverse the base to the upwards position to carry it around.

Floating house by Dymitr Malcew
Designed for people who appreciate freedom and nature at their doorstep. House offers 2 luxurious bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, kitchen and generous terrace.