Camelot 2 Chalet in Cesana Torinese, Italy
Cesana Torinese is a comune in the Province of Turin in the Italian region Piedmont, located about 70 kilometres west of Turin. Camelot 2, is slightly secluded than the natural line of the mountain, which creates a unique sense of isolation for this modern chalet that looking toward the endless mountain range. . .

All Photography by: Gaelle Le Boulicaut 

The house emerges from the snow with the colours and geometric hardness of a rock, built primarily of wood and glass, is simple with an alternation of full and transparent, and reveals its nature more secret from the inside when you contemplate the Alps, as a lookout in the high altitude.

The building is surrounded by spectacular scenery and, both for logistical reasons and environmental is designed with energy almost total autonomy, for example through the use of renewable energy (solar panels), energy-efficient technologies (pump heat recovery from the extracted air, radiant heat) and construction techniques with high performance thermal insulation (windows double room with gas, roof and external walls with strong thermal inertia etc ..)

It's construction took place in four phases: first was made the reinforced concrete base complete with crawl space, waterproofing and insulation - later mounted the supporting structure or skeleton of portals and wooden beams lamellar - were then mounted the floors, the roof and external walls complete with all the layers of insulation finally realized the interior plateaus, plants and the laying of the frames. 

Given the particular building system of semi - prefabrication , the whole house was previously designed in every detail (including the exact location of all systems) and then be "engineered", prefabricated in the workshop and assembled on-site.

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Photography by: Gaelle Le Boulicaut  

Instagram Acc: GaelleLeBoulicautPics

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