Photographer Philip Karlberg's Celebrity Pin Art

Philip Karlberg's has created a unique set of portraits for Plaza Magazine - using pegboard, wooden pins and clever lighting. Can you guess the celebrities?  Take a look.

CIRCUIT - Wall Clock by Stefan Djurovic

The simplest designs are the best. Stefan Djurovic's "Circuit Wall Clock" is a great example of this - the circular shape of this clock follows the classic form of traditional clocks, but uses LED light as the pointers.

Minimalist Illustrator Greg Guillemin's Movie Posters

Illustrator Greg Guillemin has fascinated us the past few years, his illustrations of Movie posters, pop culture, and  superheros always brought a smile to our face. His minimalism approach offers a refreshing look . . . 

Remembering Better times for Oscar Pistorius - The Blade Runner

"Oscar Pistorius has admited to shooting his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, 
says he thought she was a robber"  Feb 19th, 2013


Double-amputee Oscar Pistorius (The Blade Runner) hopes to win a Gold
 in the 400m Race - London Summer Olympics 2012.

Oblique & Semaphor Handmade Domino Sets

The Oblique & Semaphor Domino Sets offer a unique twist on the ancient game. The Semaphor set is made in Birch ply & hand-finished. The Oblique set is made in Douglas Fir, faced in laminate and packaged in a bridle finished leather.

The Most Expensive Clock Tower Penthouse In Brooklyn, New York

An amazing 7,000 square-foot penthouse inside the building's clock tower, provides 360-degree views of Brooklyn Bridge and New York Harbour. So what does $23,500,000 buy you?? A Private 3-story elevator, modern kitchen, three bedrooms, and four giant clocks with glass faces that offer breathtaking panoramic views.

Calvin and Hobbes In the Real World

Calvin and Hobbes was part of our daily life while growing up, therefore photographer Michael S. Den Beste's idea of placing the characters into real photographs makes perfect sense. Guaranteed to make you smile!

Lehmann LA100 GoPro Drone

This fully autonomous UAV (drone) requires no piloting experience. Attach your GoPro camera and launch the LA100 drone, it will return to you within 5 minutes of flight (limited for safety purposes) at the height of 80m-100m. Sells for 990 Euro. Funny Moving Tips

Moving can be a stressful experience . . .  But at least has a sense of humour about it. Check out the funny, but useful tips to observe while moving.