Lehmann LA100 GoPro Drone

This fully autonomous UAV (drone) requires no piloting experience. Attach your GoPro camera and launch the LA100 drone, it will return to you within 5 minutes of flight (limited for safety purposes) at the height of 80m-100m. Sells for 990 Euro.

Light weight design - less than 1kg Made from Foam and Cabon fibre

Mounting positions for the GoPro:
• on the top of the wing for Oblique images
• or at the bottom of the wing for Vertical images
• or mount two camera at the same time

• Wingspan: 92 cm
• Length: 45 cm
• Weight: around 850g (with payload)

• Control: Fully autonomous flight
• Flight path: Pre-programmed
• Range: up to 0,5km
• Speed: 20-80 km/h

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