Daft Punk Coca-Cola Bottles

Daft Punk’s Gold-Plated Coke Bottles was a limited-edition run of Coke bottles stamped with 18-karat gold, co-branded with Daft Punk. A look back to March 2011.

Talking to some friends over dinner last night, the topic of design came up, while we stared at the empty wine bottles on the table…. but that's another story. I went onto to tell my captive audience about the bottles I really loved where the Limited Edition Daft Punk Coca-Cola collection.

So lets start with the basics, Daft Punk is a French electronic music duo, for those not familiar with the name.

This marks the third time Coke has paired up with a dance outfit; In 2009, Justice got their own Coke bottle, and Mika in 2010.

Produced in two distinctive colours, mimicking the helmets worn by the French duo, the gold and silver bottles featuring distinguished 925 silver and 18k gold logo branding where released in March 2011, with only 20 sets being offered worldwide.

Images where taken from DaftCoke.com, which no longer is working.

Past images of Coke Bottles

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