'Icecreamists' of London - Vice Lolly

While in London this past Summer, the 'Icecreamists' in Convent Garden caught our attention with their 'Vice Lolly' a gun-shaped icicle made from Holy Water from a sacred spring in Lourdes, France. Containing 80% alcohol Absinthe and sugar, then is frozen at minus 30 degrees celsius into a gun-shaped mold. Ohh did I mention the 6 foot tall window banner of the Nun holding the gun-shaped popsicle??

The 'Vice Lollys' sell for £18.58 and are displayed in a gun cabinet freezer. The stores interior reminded us more of a mad scientist in the mist of a creation with it's black walls, silver accents, then the liquid nitrogen, syringes & flames that accompanies many of the concoctions.

Their menu includes a large selection of ice creams infused with vodka, coffee, popcorn, carmel, the simple classics of vanilla, and custard.

We went with the Popcorn ice cream - Vanilla with swirls of caramel topped with crunchy caramel corn in a waffle.

Image © Rex Features

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