Safe House with Moving Walls, Poland

Everybody's heard of a 'Panic Room', but how about a 'Safe House'?? Located in Poland, this unique concept allows maximum security when required, or a spacious villa when the walls slide open.

The basic forum of the house consists of a rectangular prism with walls one and a half feet thick, openings to the house can be covered with hinged concrete walls. Exterior walls 7 feet high and up to 72 feet long, can retract from the driveway area where they form a protective courtyard. After crossing the gate one has to wait in this safety zone before being let inside the house. 

An anodized aluminum shutter 45 feet across rolls down to protect the rear of the house, while 9-foot-tall shutters swing shut upstairs. There's even a drawbridge that can cut off access from the roof terrace above the adjacent indoor swimming pool.

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