Leap - Perfect way to Commute

The daily commute has become a massive headache for all San Franciscans. During peak hours, it can be difficult to find a seat on public transit and private car services are expensive and increasingly unpredictable.

Leap takes the stress out of your commute; an affordable ride to work that feels more like a living room than it does a city bus. Start the day relaxed and productive instead of anxious and stressed out.

Leap’s first route travels between Lombard Street and Downtown

Buses are fueled by clean natural gas and take cars off the road

With the Leap App you spend more time sleeping, less time standing at the curb. See exactly where your bus is, how many seats are left, and show up right on time. Stopping is kept to a minimum to keep you moving. Leap buses arrive every 10-15 minutes.

Leap App is the perfect companion to their buses. A modern interface that makes using mass transit easier than it’s ever been. Bluetooth Check-In: With automatic check-in switched on, all you have to do is get on and sit down.
Each bus has WiFi, USB outlets, and food for purchase every day.

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