The Porthole Infuser

Crafted to mimic Jules Verne's - Submarine Porthole, Martin Kastner’s Porthole Infuser allows you to create oils, drinks, dressings, sauces, or any other type of infusion.

Kickstarter has brought us some very interesting creations over the past two years, the Porthole Infuser is one of the more unique offerings. Initially designed for The Aviary in Chicago, it soon become a highly sought after item, people inquiring where they could purchase one & others resorting to 'liberating' them.

Martin Kastner’s infuser is a clean and elegant design which allows people to create oils, drinks, dressings, sauces -  or any other type of infusion you can think up.

The infuser is see-through, constructed from precision ground and tempered Low Iron Glass with stainless steel. At 390ml (13 fluid ounces) and dishwasher safe - includes one porthole, three photo-etched stainless steel filter screens of varying densities. One flexible silicone cap to seal the contents for longer term infusions. A set of thumbscrews that can be used as an alternative to the countersunk screws for faster assembly.

Perfect for any mixologist, ok hand me the vodka . . . 

Available this fall for approximately $95.


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