Beth Orton - Brings her 'Folkronica' sound to Toronto

Beth Orton - The acclaimed British songwriter known for her 'Folkronica' sound, a refreshing twist with folk & electronica elements. Orton’s first solo album, Trailer Park, was released in 1996 and earned her two Brit nominations for best British newcomer and best British female.

Working with artists such as Chemical Brothers, Williams Orbit, Terry Callier, Red Snapper and Ben Harper. Orton's un-mistakable sound, a husky undertone with a silky quality has to be heard live to appreciate.

It's been over six years since Orton released a album. In that time she became a mother of two, left her record label, turned 40, contemplated writing a novel, got married and doubted she would ever record another album. But in the end, the lure of the guitar brings her back with her latest album, Sugaring Season.

'Beth Orton' brought her acoustic set to Toronto for an intimate crowd at the Mod Club. While fighting a cold, Orton soldiered on - starting with a selection of songs from her upcoming album, Sugaring Season (officially on sale tomorrow) Listening to it right now, while I write this review - first impressions are quite good. 

Orton has always had a fond affection for Toronto, as her fans do for her, especially when she played some of classics we all love to hear from Stolen Car, Concrete Sky, Pass in Time, Central Reservation & Someones daughter.  

While her voice might not of been 100%, this in no way diminished how much I enjoyed the show (or the rest of the crowd from the applause). Orton was backed up by her husband Sam Amidon, who also opened the show. Orton being foggy-headed with the cold, spoke to the crowd between songs & mistakenly stated, her husband was from Canada, Sam joking correcting her by saying, "Vermont actually. She thinks everything is in Canada." Sam was quite a surprise of the evening with a dynamic range in his voice & versatility from moving from guitar to violin & a story between most songs with such ease - a talent to watch for . . .  

Thankfully the world has performers like Orton, a true song writer and a performer who rises above the rest. Look forward to her returning next year with the band.

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