Stunning 360° Spherical Panoramas by Gilles Vidal

360° spherical visual panoramas from Gilles Vidal ranging from cityscapes, a orchestra in action, cockpits of airplanes to fashion shows in the Louvre.

Having been a design student at the Beaux-Arts of Toulouse (France), and then an architect for more than 11 years, Gilles Vidal discovered the multimedia world in 1998 almost by accident. He earned a certificate as a multimedia project manager, and then trained as a technician in image synthesis. Since 2000, he has concentrated on spherical visual panoramas, which let Vidal combine the pleasure of playing with shapes and images and his desire to explore new digital horizons.

Vidal regularly collaborates with online newspapers like Libération, Rue89 or 20 minutes, and deals with its 360° x180° visual political events, sporting, cultural, launching the foundations of what is happening in become a new medium.

Concorde Air France

Fashion Show at the Louvre

A view of Paris

A view of Venice

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