Everest Skydive - The Ultimate Holiday

Everest Skydive specializes in skydiving adventures at the top of the world, at dizzying heights of 29,500ft over Mount Everest. If that wasn't enough, add on another 10 days of trekking to extend your adventure with their “Everest Above and Below” guided trek to the Everest Base Camp.

No skydiving experience?? Then the Tandem Skydive is available or for more experienced skydivers with a Class “C” or “D” license and at least 200 logged jumps can dive solely.

All necessary skydiving equipment is provided for you, including skydiving oxygen system, thermal gear, in addition to head protection and protective goggles. Each jumper or tandem team also equipped with a personal survival kit, compass, firefly strobe, and two-way mini-radio in case of landing off the Drop Zone. 


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