Fink - Plays Toronto's Garrison - Oct 2012

Fin Greenall the voice behind 'Fink' rolls into town, playing at Toronto's Garrison. On the heels of their eagerly awaited Album, 'Wheels Turn Beneath My Feet' a live album from the bands year of half of touring.

Fink - Plays Toronto's Garrison - Oct 2012 okokno

I first became aware of the Fink when they opened for one of my favourite performers, Lou Rhodes from Lamb. While many of you might not of heard of Fink, undoubtedly you heard Amy Winehouse, who Greenall helped produce her first demo's. Also working with big names as John Legend, Professor Green, Sawhney, Zero 7, while still having time to DJ.

The last four years have seen Greenall move away from beats and journey towards the acoustic guitar. His guitar-wielding skills paired with Fink's organic sounds capture you instantly. Drawing from the dub, blues, folk and soul elements, the music reflects a very chilled vibe . . . 

Check out the videos & I'm sure you'll become a fan.

FINK: Fin Greenall : vox|guitar  Guy Whittaker : bass  Tim Thornton : drums

From Toronto Garrison - Oct 3rd, 2012


Fink show at the Motel Mozaïque festival
at the Rotterdam Schouwburg, on April 20th, 2012.