NYC's Hidden City Hall Subway Station

Coolest subway station in New York City, guarantee you've never seen - The City Hall Station. First opened in 1904, build on a swooping 400' feet arch with beautiful glass tiles, brass fixtures, and skylights.

Due to logistical issues, forty years later  (December 31, 1945), this magnificent station was boarded up, skylights were covered over closing it to the public, but the tracks remained in use for the '6 train' to make it's turnaround.

During the 90's, New York City began a restoration of the City Hall Station, but due to security concerns after September 11th,  derailed the plans indefinitely.

Next time you are in New York, take the turnaround to stop and admire the station.

Photo by: John-Paul Palescandolo, Fred Guenther, Salim Virji