McLaren P1 is officially revealed!

The highly anticipated replacement for Gordon Murray's legendary 90's McLaren F1 is official. McLaren released three images labeled "Design Study" with the final version be unveiled at the Paris Motorshow next week.

There is not a car enthusiast out there which does not bow in respect to the leaps forward the F1 achieved with use of carbon fibre monocoque chassis, innovative centre driving position, a BMW-designed 6.0 litre V12 engine generating 627 horsepower and topped off with the butterfly doors.

McLaren's foray into the competitive automotive market place last year with the MP4-12C has been met with rave reviews and waiting lists. Built on the success of F1, McLaren is more focused on the driving experience versus the industry trend of topping previous horsepower outputs.

McLaren Automotive Managing Director Antony Sheriff
Our aim is not necessarily to be the fastest in absolute top speed but to be the quickest and most rewarding series production road car on a circuit’. ‘It is the true test of a supercar’s all round ability and a much more important technical statement. Our goal is to make the McLaren P1 the most exciting, most capable, most technologically advanced and most dynamically accomplished supercar ever made.

Details for the the McLaren P1 are still limited, until the Paris Motorshow . . . but the good news, McLaren aims to have the car available for sale in dealerships in the next 12 months.