Aston Martin Vulcan - Official Images
Aston Martin Vulcan - a track-only supercar and Aston's most intense and exhilarating creation to date. To be officially unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show

Car will sell for over £1.5m (US $2.3m) and should be fitted with a 7.0-litre V12 engine pushing out over ‘800bhp-plus’. Only 24 examples will be built.

  • The Vulcan will be built around a carbon fibre monocoque & body, made by Canadian manufacturing partner Multimatic
  • Xtrac six-speed sequential gearbox, with magnesium torque tube with carbon fibre propeller shaft
  • Brakes: Brembo racing calipers with carbon-ceramic discs (15.0 inches in diameter at the front, 14.2 at the rear)
  • Michelin race specification tyres, 345/30x19 on the rear
  • Chassis will feature racing-style pushrod-operated suspension, adjustable spool-valve dampers all around, and adjustable anti-roll bars
  • Aston Martin will be also offering drivers program, along with time in their motorsports simulators, similar to that of the Ferrari FXX K and the McLaren P1 GTR programs.

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