Sun House by Guz Architects
Beautiful home in Singapore, created with an open courtyard featuring a private oasis, with ponds, pool, to complement this contemporary look. Whether your sitting inside or outside, the whole space is luxurious without trying too hard.

Rattan House by Guz Architects:

“The rattan home was conceived to make the most of what is a relatively condensed site in Singapore’s “good class bungalow” district with structures all about and little breeze. The L-formed program was created to make the most of the views and funnel the breezes during the property.

Inside this we tried to develop gardens and green locations to not only passively cool the house, but also to supply greenery and a sense of room which all occupants could share. The residence was completed on a extremely low spending budget (for Singapore) of less than S$ 1m."

Guz Architects