BMW 4 Series Concept Coupe

For those not following the evolution of BMW models. The 4 Series is a extension of the 3 series and replacing that model's coupe. Like all the recent BMW re-designs, the 4 series is longer, wider, lower and shares the same drivetrain as the 3 series.

Here are some official pictures released by BMW for the 4 Series Coupe, we'll have to wait to see if the production car gets all the front and rear styling cues from the concept.

4,641 mm long,
1,826 mm wide and
1,362 mm tall

Increase over current 3-Series Coupe:

longer (by 29 mm /1.1 inches),
broader (by 44 mm /1.7 inches)
lower (by 16 mm / 0.6 inches)

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