Kahn Design - Land Rover Defender Concept 17 Wide Body

We're usually not fans of Kahn designs, but this one seems to work. The iconic Defender can be seen scattered throughout the English country side and increasingly in the city centre's. The quintessential off-roader has gained a new found respect with the current generation.

Originally the series launched back in 1948, designed with simplicity for extraordinary ability, unrivalled strength and durability. Today's cars reflect many of the luxurious & styling elements we expect in today's vehicles.  

The Khan Defender Concept features multi-spoke 18" wheels, a wide-body kit, a new stainless steel grille, a mesh hood & side vents, clear rear light lenses, repeaters, front light lenses, and LED B6 headlights

The interior of a Defender gets a sporty remake, Kahn has partnered once again with Scotland’s famous Harris Tweed, who provide the finest fabrics & trims of leather, piano wood and yes… tweed.

Move over G-Wagon, you just got competition.