Spotlighting Cool Mac products

Products that just make sense . . .

The Hover Bar from Twelve South mounts to a almost any desk, display or iMac and offers an adjustable arm to place the iPad within reach.
Hoverbar is a support for the iPad built with an articulated arm, which makes it the perfect companion for the Apple tablet.

The flexible HoverBar arm positions a iPad virtually any spot you may need - as a micro workstation, a handy kitchen mount or as a tool that elevates iPad, creating a whole new way to interact with apps.

Sells for $79.99

One of the coolest items, we spotted on Kickstarter last year.

The iBamboo Speaker is a very elegant & simple solution with requires no power or cables. Made from a single piece of laser cut bamboo & uses the natural resonance of the material to amplify the sound of your iPhone's built in speaker.

The sound moves in two directions and creates a stereo effect by simply placing the phone in the slot. Comes with own carrying canvas bag.

Sells for $29.99

Quickly connect and disconnect all peripherals while eliminating desktop cable clutter. Henge Docks is a docking station solution for Apple’s notebook computers, allows you to quickly and cleanly incorporate your MacBook computer into a desktop setup or your home theatre system.

Each Henge Dock model is designed for a specific type of MacBook computer. Included with each dock are a full complement of custom USB, Ethernet, Audio cables and in some models Firewire cables, designed to work with the Henge Dock system.

Sells for $69.95

Add another four USB 2.0 ports to your computer with Satechi 4 Port Aluminum USB Hub, styled to mirror Apple's keyboard design. It's the perfect way to add addition ports the iMac's awkward location.

It includes a 9.5 inch cable, with each port providing 5 volts and 250 to 500 ma depending on the computer's USB output. 

Sells for $27.99

The Space Bar provides an easiest way to organize your work space, whether using monitors, laptops & just a spot for your phones or externals drives! Made for hiding a keyboard not in use with it's brushed aluminum shelf. 

The device offers six USB ports, four in the front and two in the back of the shelf, along with a mini USB port and a AC adapter port.

Sells for $79.99

iMac Screen Cover by Radtech
Keep your iMac screen protected & hidden when not in use! ScreenSavrz is a ultra-light and supple Cover for the iMac Screen.

CableGuy Winder offer a simple and inexpensive storage solution for your earbuds. Made from a durable plastic, takes seconds to click your earbuds into the winder - plug in the designated slots & wind to organize your cables or clip CableGuy to your shirt or bag, to keep your earphones from dropping to the floor.

Sells for $12.99

BARNACLE by iLoveHandles

The Barnacle is a simple solution for mounting your gadget to a desk or windshield. With it's simple one-piece design, attaches to any gadget with a smooth back with it's strong suction cups.

Sells for $4.95

JIMI - J-Shaped USB Extender For iMacs by Bluelounge
Finally, this USB extension that lets you plug your peripherals into your iMac from the front.

Sells for $14.95

The Noah Laptop Case is made from solid oak that’s been hand sanded and stained, taking over 5 hours to built over the coarse of three days.
The inside of the case is lined with leather, hinged at the top to insert or remove your computer. When it’s closed, neodymium magnets hold the lid shut and keep your machine secure.

Sells for (€280/~$366)