Ganglion from Saltillo [2005]

On the okokno car playlist this week - The first album from classically trained multi-instrumentalist Saltillo, Ganglion [2005] recently re-issued completely re-mastered  . . .

It harks back to the essence of Trip Hop with it's diverse melodic mixture of instrumentals - cello, piano, violin, banjo (yes, I said banjo), guitar, drums, infused with a modern electronic/drum'n'bass/trip-hop sound. Track to track are quite diverse, some purely instrumental, while others feature movie samples, spoken word, with a scattering of traditional vocals and Shakespeare dialogue mixed in - on the whole, the album works well.

I'm truly amazed not more of his music has been used in movies & TV.
Saltillo's music is full of emotion - just crying to be married with film.

Here's 'Remember Me' by Saltillo -
Let me know what you think !! Enjoy