James Bond 24: It's called SPECTRE & 007 gets a new Aston Martin DB10

The upcoming 24th James Bond film will be titled 'Spectre'. All the regular cast are back from SkyFall, with the addition of Christoph Waltz who will be playing supervillian Blofeld?? (at least that's what we think) and Andrew Scott from Sherlock fame. Oh and there's a new Aston Martin, the DB10 !!!

Unveiled on stage at Pinewood Studios this morning, the full cast will include; Daniel Craig as 007, Naomi Harris (Eve Moneypenny), Ben Whishaw (Q) Rory Kinnear as Tanner and Ralph Fiennes the new ‘M’ who replaces Judi Dench from 2012's Skyfall. New to the cast - Christoph Waltz (as Blofeld??), Lea Seydoux, Dave Bautista, Andrew Scott and Monica Bellucci. 

Director Sam Mendes, is back at the helm directing his second Bond film with principal photography due to begin on Monday Dec 8th, 2014, with locations to include London, Rome, Mexico, Tangier and the Austrian Alps.

Aston Martin together with EON Productions, unveiled Bond’s new car - the Aston Martin DB10, continuing a 50-year relationship with 007. The DB10 is strictly a concept car based off the V8 Vantage series for the film. Production will be strictly limited to 10 of the bespoke sports cars, which will most likely be destroyed during the filming of the Spectre.
Those not familiar with Spectre - The acronym stands for (SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion) which is a fictional terrorist organization that featured in James Bond novels and first appeared on screen in 1962's Dr. No. It was led by Bond's nemesis Ernst Stavro Blofeld, whose defining dialogue in Russia With Love, featured the line: "Twelve seconds. One of these days we must invent a faster-working venom."

Ernst Stavro Blofeld, as portrayed by Donald Pleasence in You Only Live Twice (1967).

The previous Bond film, Skyfall was the seventh-biggest film of all time with box office numbers of $1.1 billion, the second-biggest film of 2012 behind The Avengers. It won two Oscars, two BAFTAS and two Grammys. So expect a action packed film!

Spectre hits theaters in November 2015.

 Watch the Bond24 announcement video from Pinewood Studios, 04.12.14

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Official SPECTRE teaser poster is out.

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